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I saw utena communities that were not for everyone....so I decided to do something about it.
Whoever, wherever you are as long as you like and is interested in revolutionary girl utena, your welcome here!
This community is created and moderated by jutecat

HEY! YOU! n00b?
There are some SUPER SIMPLE rules here, dont be a jerk, put any spoilers under an LJ-cut, I don't care what you post as long as its utena related. Fanart, cosplay, quizzes, discussions, writing, questions...anything you can think of that can have anything to do with Utena is welcome!
As for lj-cut, If you don't know how to use them, look them up in the FAQ or ask someone.
Feel free to use the images below to promote the community!

If someobody is being a jerk, or there is a problem feel free to email me or Im me!
let me know who you are, that your talking about roselined coffin (i run more than one comm) and state the problem. I will be MORE than happy to fix the problem!

If you are new here, you have a choice of filling out this LOVELY survey. No you don't have to do it, it's just for fun ^_^
Do us a favor and put it under an LJ-Cut though.

- What did you first see of Utena? Movie, manga, series...?
- What language do you watch Utena in or prefer?
- When did you first discover utena?
- how much of utena have you seen up until now?
- Which utena arc is your favorite?
- What utena merchandise do you own, if any?
- Have you ever cosplayed as an utena character? Which?
- are you or have you ever been a 'moony'?(if you don't know what a moony is, more than likely your not)
- what character represents you the best? be honest.
- what male character is your favorite and why?
- what female character is your favorite and why?
- each black rose duelist is consumed by some negative feeling. looking back at the different black rose duelists, which one has the flaw that you can picture yourself with? why? if you're not familiar with the black rose arc, skip this.
- which other anime do you adore?

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