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For the Sake of ALL Utena Fans

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icons [29 Jun 2016|07:21am]


more here
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20 [22 Aug 2014|09:22pm]

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43 Utena icons [03 Jul 2014|11:11pm]


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Multifandom Yuri Festival: A fanfic exchange for all f/f pairings [20 May 2014|08:49am]

Multifandom Yuri Festival

Multifandom Yuri Festival: an LJ-based fanfic exchange that welcomes yuri ships from all fandoms.

Pairing Nominations || Rules and FAQ || Pairing Promotion + Chat


May 5th/20th, 2014 - Pairing nominations.
May 22nd/30th, 2014 - Sign-ups.
May 31st/June 3rd, 2014 - Admins match the participants to each other and contact everyone.
June 3rd/July 3th, 2014 - Participants write fics for their recipients, and submit them by email.
July 4th/8th, 2014 - In case any corrections are needed, participants fix their fics and resubmit them.
July 9th/13th, 2014 - All fics get published at the community by the admins, little by little.
July 14th, 2014 - Fic masterlist goes up.
July 20th, 2014 - End of the exclusivity period.
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fic [3]: A Permanent Income / the world broad and wide / The Vines Cascading (Utena) [26 Apr 2014|11:20pm]

A Permanent Income
Shoujo Kakumei Utena: Anthy, Akio, Juri, Touga (Akio/Anthy, Juri/Shiori). R, 2800 words.
Chapter ninety-sixth of the engagements, in closing. (Pre-series.)

the world broad and wide
Shoujo Kakumei Utena: Anthy/Utena. PG, 1600 words.
"I want to leave tonight," Utena said, clomping into their room with none of the proper notices. (Missing scene.)

The Vines Cascading
Shoujo Kakumei Utena: Juri, Ruka, Shiori. PG, 900 words.
Princes are rarely apt to stay in their castles. (AU or an unexpected future: Juri as the Rose Bride.)

Title links go to fic on AO3!

/waves, terribly late to the SKU party
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utena icons [12 Sep 2013|08:00pm]


more here @ island_of_souls
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Magical Girl Fanfic and Fanart exchange [05 Sep 2013|07:34pm]

There is a magical girl fanfic and fanart exchange in the sign up stages. Revolutionary Girl Utena is one of the fandoms for it.

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Utena Items for sale ^-^ [27 May 2013|01:33pm]

Hi guys!

I'm new to the group and recently Ive been trying to sell off some items to save up for a trip! I came across afew Utena items that I think some of you fans/collectors might want :)
If any of you guys are interested please feel free to leave a comment or send me a message! I have TONS more items on my sales page: http://chibi-5.livejournal.com/1363.html

Revolutionary Girl Utena: 100 piece puzzle set $16,
Mangas $15 each

 photo DSCN8264_zps1fc223eb.jpg
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44 icons [17 May 2013|02:13pm]


over here at karlsefni
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50 icons [10 May 2013|08:37pm]


over here at karlsefni
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Fic: Epilogue for a Dancing Girl (Nanami-centric) [04 Jan 2013|10:24am]

Created using the Fanfiction Header Builder
Title: Epilogue for a Dancing Girl
Author: veleda_k
Wordcount: ~3100
Rating: PG
Characters: Nanami, Touga, Miki, Tsuwabuki, Keiko
Summary: Nanami in the aftermath. Sometimes the revolution is quiet. Sometimes it starts inside you.

On Dreamwidth//On Livejournal
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[03 Jan 2013|09:21pm]

I am currently working on an art project on the characters of Utena. I was looking for your help...

Can you name some symbols that represent the characters? Either things directly from the show or anything random that comes to mind.

Thanks for any ideas! I'll post up photos of the series when I finish!

2Duelist @-{---Take My Revolution

Fic: I Know Who I Want to Take Me Home (Juri/Utena, NC-17) [30 Nov 2012|09:43am]

Title: I Know Who I Want to Take Me Home
Author: veleda_k
Pairing: Juri/Utena, implied Anthy/Utena, past Juri/Shiori
Rating: NC-17
Word count: ~2800
Contains: Graphic sex
Summary: When the stranger walks into Juri's regular bar, she's intrigued. But as the two grow closer, the past may be stronger than either can deny. Spoilers for the end of the series.

Click here to read it at my journal.
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Mod ahoy! [04 Aug 2012|03:13am]

Long time no see! I changed a setting that was forcing me to moderate a freakish amount of posts. so sorry about those i didn't get to for AWHILE. being an adult is a PIA with little free time! But definitely keep up the Utena love!


What is your fave episode and why?

I love the secret spice episode myself :D it is super redic and I might love Nanami even though she is crazy like bats!
5Duelist @-{---Take My Revolution

New fanfic [10 Apr 2012|05:18pm]

My first Utena fanfic for quite a while. :)

Transient Bodies - Juri/Shiori, post movie.

Once, there was a witch who desired to be a princess, and her desire was so strong that she created her own prince to rule her fairytale kingdom. After the princess fled her kingdom and her fairytale, there remained another prince trapped in there, a prince whose princess had been lost. All of this prince's desire was for the miracle that would return her princess to her, and to be allowed to serve and protect her always.

But is the granting of miracles always a good thing?

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Utena and Touga Fanmix [01 May 2012|03:38pm]

Medium: Anime
Fandom: Revolutionary Girl Utena
Subject: Utena and Touga
Title:  Left My Urge In The IceBox
Warnings: Slight angry music depending on how you take it, spoilers for some of the series.
Note: I love this pairing and always have, even after the first season where Touga was a complete a$$hole. Includes a mix of artists for you all to enjoy. Please don't ask for a zip, each song individually uploaded. Thanks and enjoy! Comments are enjoyed and urged.
Unlimited Free Image and File Hosting at MediaFire
Fanmix Under Cut )
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2012 Utena/Penguindrum Fanfic – Seinen Kakumei Utena, Pts 1-2 [08 May 2012|10:56am]
Hi, this is gorgeousshutin, churning out tasteful posts on drama, anime, fiction, fashion, and more since 2010.
Most of my activity will be at my blogspot: http://gorgeousshutin.blogspot.ca/

I'm posting about my latest 2012 Utena fanfiction (with Mawaru-Penguindrum elements): Seinen Kakumei Utena, which can be found on both my blog and fanfiction.net.

Summary: The forgotten revolution was a botched one, with the lives saved again trapped in worldly coffins. When the bride resurfaces offering them ways out as prize to aid her distressed victor, everyone must again face the ends of their worlds.

Part One:  Flowers Adrift

Part Two: The Fruits That Could Have Been

I hope this is something you guys can enjoy :)
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Into the Woods (Anthy/Utena, NC-17) [30 Jul 2012|08:50am]

Created using the Fanfiction Header Builder
Title: Into the Woods
Author: veleda_k
Wordcount: ~1900
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s): Anthy/Utena
Contains: Graphic sex, teens having sex
Notes: For [community profile] 10tropes, for the prompt "fractured fairytale." Thank you to cleo_eurydike for betaing. Title from the Stephen Sondheim musical of the same name.
Summary: There are witches in this forest, and nothing is what it seems. Utena may not be ready for what she finds.

On Dreamwidth//On Livejournal
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Seinen Kakumei Utena Poster #1 [30 May 2012|12:56pm]

Seinen Kakumei Utena:  It's a mature revolution this time around.

Left Column, from up to down: Saionji, Touga (yes, he got a "W" branded to his face now)
Middle Column: Anthy, Utena (post "process"; and yes, that's one of those swords right there)
Right Column, from up to down, left to right: Juri, Miki, Tsuwabuki
Another poster with K-taro, S-Taro, Tokiko and Mikage (all prominently featured in the story) coming up in the future.
Read fic at my LJ:
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2012 Fanfic Seinen Kakumei Utena 4a,b now on LJ [26 May 2012|11:53pm]
Seinen Kakumei Utena (it's Seinen, NOT Josei), crossing with Penguindrum starting Part 2
Genres: Real Life Problems, Yuri, Female Empowerment, Trans Man, Yaoi, Male Rape, Surreal Symbolism
Timeline: 10 years post Revolution, few weeks post Fate Train Transfer
Notable Chars:  Trans Utena, shadow boys "K-taro" and "S-taro" (do you really need to ask who they are?)
Notable "Mysteries" Covered: Nemuro Hall, Child Broiler, Million Swords, Fate Train, Shadow Girls, Invisible People
Summary (or rather, Excerpt): “The revolution succeeded; it crumbled afterwards only because those whose lives got revolutionized did not follow up on the revolutionary success,” said the Bride, her words setting their closed hearts aflame. “This time, will you help us help you?”

After what seems like an eternity of non-fic writing, I have again written something in tribute of this timeless shoujo anime classic.  This is a work dedicated to the passionate, wonderful people at In the Rose Garden, which even now remains the coolest place for Utena fans to hang out online. 

My blogspot: See my

Please C&C if you like this~


Previous Parts:
1a, 1b, 2a, 2b, 3a, 3b
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